Project Partners

A multidisciplinary network of partners was established to fulfil the objectives of the DRAGON project.


Chair of Subsurface Engineering
Erherzog-Johann-Strasse 3, 8700 Leoben, Austria
Role within the DRAGON Consortium:
Project Coordination

Industrial Liaison Department

Peter-Tunner-Straße 27, 8700 Leoben, Austria
Role within the DRAGON Consortium:
Project Management

Project Coordination/Project Management; development of technical solutions in order to use the extracted underground material as valuable raw material in other industrial production cycles; setting up a raw material database in order to guarantee the further valuable exploitation of the extracted underground extraction material.

PORR Bau GmbH:  (© PORR Bau GmbH)

Absgerggasse 47, A-1100 Wien, Österreich
Role within the DRAGON Consortium:
Participation in the definition of the end user requirements; technical and economical evaluation of all project results including the DRAGON prototypes; participation within the planned demonstration activities and acts also as End-User Partner within the DRAGON project.

Herrenknecht AG:  (© Herrenknecht AG)

Herrenknecht AG
Schlehenweg 2, 77961 Schwanau, Germany
Role within the DRAGON Consortium:
Main exploitation partner; design and development of the DRAGON prototypes; setting up an integrated solution combining modern tunnelling techniques with new & innovative automated material analysis and separation techniques; main responsible partner for the planned demonstration activities.

B+G Betontechnologie + Materialbewirtschaftung AG:  (© B+G Betontechnologie + Materialbewirtschaftung AG)

B+G Betontechnologie + Materialbewirtschaftung AG
Dorfstrasse 10, CH-3073 Gümligen, Switzerland
Role within the DRAGON Consortium:
Investigations of rocks and minerals upon their recovery potential; development of material management concepts; on-site testing of excavated raw material; assessing work flows like transportation, storage, handling and processing of raw material.

Jacques Burdin Ingenieur Conseil:  (© Jacques Burdin Ingenieur Conseil)

Jacques Burdin Ingenieur Conseil
Le Parvis-LaFeclaz, F-73230 Les Deserts, France
Role within the DRAGON Consortium:
Development of material management concepts (concrete mix design; concrete aggregates; special binders optimisation and production); participates in the end-user requirements definition and automated analysis of chemical parameters.

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thinkstep AG
85 Tottenham Court Road, London
Role within the DRAGON Consortium:
Assessment of the impact on environment incl. resource efficiency; Life cycle assessment (LCA); Potential analysis regarding resource efficiency and regarding the possible substitution of primary raw material.

Indutech instruments GmbH:  (© Indutech instruments GmbH)

Indutech instruments GmbH
Ahornweg 6-8, D-72226 Simmersfeld, Germany
Role within the DRAGON Consortium:
Development and improvement of the automated on-line analysing techniques with a particular focus on the underground construction situation.

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