Deliverable D3.2 Automation Strategies for Chemical and Physical Analysing Methods

Detailed description of the modified and newly developed devices as well as their suitability for online analysis of chemical and physical parameters.

During tunnelling the material which is excavated is more or less unknown. Therefore methods must allow to cover a wide range of elemental composition. Besides the chemical properties of the raw material also physical properties will play a key role for its evaluation and selection. In this connection the DRAGON project proposes to determine the rock strength by using the tunnel boring machine (TBM) data such as the speed of excavation and the contact pressure which are recorded while the TBM is running.

Deliverable D4.2 Automation strategies for solid rock and softground processing

Report including the material processing strategies and prototype concepts.

• Definition of the relevant and minimal raw material processing requirements as well as quality criteria for its on-site use as aggregate for various products (e.g. shotcrete).
• Research emphasis on a material processing plant for fast and online separation between useful and non-useful resources.
• Optimisation of the cutting parameters regarding the requirements on the excavation material.
• Basics for the prototype design regarding the in-situ production of aggregates.
• Process description and Quality criteria for automated processing of EPB material considering usable compounds and further re-uses. Sensor development for slurry classification.
• Concept design consisting of existing Technology that will be adapted, enhanced and automated to meet the requirements of an innovative automated softground processing prototype.

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