European Commission:

The DRAGON project will be processed within:
Directorate-General for Research & Innovation
Unit in charge of Environmental technologies – CDMA 03/10
B-1049 Brussels, BELGIUM

Interactive portal related to environmental research and funding

INNOVATIONSEEDS – Interactive portal for environmental research and knowledge promoting the most promising EU-funded environmental R&D results

Other FP7 projects dealing with resource-efficiency

BioEcoSIM – An innovative bio-economy solution to valorise livestock manure into a range of stabilised soil improving materials for environmental sustainability and economic benefit for the European agriculture

CU-PV – Cradle to cradle sustainable pv modules

DEMEAU – Demonstration of promising technologies to address emerging pollutants in water and waste water

ECOWAMA – ECO-efficient management of Water in the Manufacturing industry

FFW – Liquid and gas Fisher-Tropsch fuel production from olive industry waste: Fuel From Waste

HYDROWEEE DEMO – Innovative Hydrometallurgical Processes to recover Metals from WEEE including lamps and batteries - Demonstration

IDREEM – Increasing Industrial Resource Efficiency in European Mariculture

INNOBITE – Transforming urban and agricultural residues into high performance biomaterials for green construction

I-PAN – Innovative poplar low density structural panel

MYECOCOST – Forming the nucleus of a novel ecological accounting system

NAWADES – Nanotechnological Application in Water DESalination

P-REX – Sustainable sewage sludge management fostering phosphorus recovery and energy efficiency

RecoPhos – Recovery of Phosphorus from Sewage Sludge and Sewage Sludge Ashes with the thermo-reductive RecoPhos Process

RESFOOD – Resource Efficient and Safe Food Production and Processing

VALUEFROMURINE – Bio-electrochemically-assisted recovery of valuable resources from urine


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